Headphone quality sucks unless I twist the cord, but the cord is new!

Awhile ago I couldn't maintain decent audio quality without twisting or angling the cord to my headphones. It became too much of a hassle to keep fussing with it and I thought for sure the cord was bad, so I abandoned it and settled for using the Bluetooth function on my headphones until I got a new one. When I use Bluetooth, the sound quality is fine and I have no issues - however, I JUST got a new cord today and when I tried it out, the quality was bad and only worked when I twisted it just like before!

It seems like the issue isn't the cord, but something to do with where I plug it into the headphones. Although I don't have any other headphones to test this theory - I don't believe the problem is my laptop's jack because I have to twist the cord right at the base of my headphones.

Wiggling the plug does nothing, it's only when I lift the cord in such a way that it will give me full quality. The port itself seems secure so I don't think it's loose. This has been a major pain in my butt and I'm really sad to find out my problem wasn't the cord, I can't replace these headphones!

What do? :(

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Hi @minouminette ,

How long have you had the headphones?

Most reputable companies provide a warranty period (anywhere from 90 days to 12 months or more depending on product and location) on their products.

Unfortunately I cannot find any information regarding warranty on the Bluedio website or even in the instruction books for their various products. If the information is not supplied with the documentation that came with the headphones I recommend that you contact them on aftersales@bluedio.com to find out what the warranty is on the headphones, as obviously your pair has a problem with the aux input socket connection.

Update (10/19/2017)

Hi @minouminette ,

Here is a link to a video that shows how to open a Bluedio T2S (you don't state what your model is).

Once open you can look at the aux input connector and see if it is loose on the pcb or whether it needs to be replaced. Given what you have said, I suspect that the internal connecting springs inside the connector itself have lost tension. Unfortunately if this is the case, the connector cannot be repaired but must be replaced.

Hopefully this is of some help.


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Sadly, the warranty has expired by this point.



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