2.3GHz, 2.6GHz, or 2.7GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.7GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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Exchanged keyboard from UK layout to German (hardware)

MacBook Pro 15" Retina A1398

Does changing UK keyboard for German one require me to update or flash some kind of firmware or update software?

I have replaced keyboard from UK to German and now I have information that something is draining too much power and the USB has to be disabled.

El Captain is giving me kernel crash pointing towards USB xhci and not booting,

Updating to High Sierra gives me sleep/wakeup failure pointing towards USB and two dead USB ports (but SD card reader and HDMI working just fine) and info about drawing too much power, downgrading to Mountain Lion makes one of USB (left side) working but I think as USB 2.0 and second one dead but no sleep/wake problems whatsoever, and upgrading to Yosemite leaves computer with same problem as in Mountain Lion. But beside working good with one USB port.

I'm not sure if changing keyboard to different language should be made with some software servicing?

Sorry I have forgot to add that I have also done SMC and NVRAM resets and hardware test showing all good.

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Can you clarify which A1398 model you have. Review this listing: 15" MacBook Pro's A1398 models

How did you replace the keyboard? Did you switch out the uppercase, or did you completely take the system apart and replace the keyboard alone?

Did you have any problems with your original keyboard that you had to go this far instead of just popping off the keycaps.

Dan thank You for response. I have taken system apart and exchanged keyboard.

My model is MacBook Pro 15" 2.7 GHz i7 Retina (2012)

I had no problems with keyboard whatsoever, just felt that whole new keyboard will be more solid than popping buttons .

However I remember that I was having similar problem when I was installing el captain years ago for a first time when original keyboard was there.

As far as I can tell there was no problem with installing keyboard and as I have said it is working fine when OS X is working.


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Just to clarify a bit more there are a few different uppercases for this system and to add to it there are different cases between the different years of this series! The Mid 2012 and Early 2013 share the same case and keyboards. The Late 2013 and Mid 2014 also share the same case and keyboard. And lastly, the case and keyboards of the Mid 2015 are still different again!

Then we have two case types for each of these three groups The US and the ISO layout. Only the ISO series have language specific keycaps which can be popped off and swapped out.

If you decide to take your system apart to switch out the uppercase's or if you are willing to dig deeper and take the uppercase apart replacing the keyboard alone you do run the risk of putting in the wrong version of the keyboard as they look exactly the same if you're not careful!

I'm thinking that might have happened here.


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It might be the case , but from product description was that this keyboard is mid 2012 and is fully compatibile MC976. From what I have read my macbook pro is the right one for this model because : "This particular model -- the MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2.7 15-Inch (Mid-2012 Retina Display) technically is a "configure-to-order" configuration of the MacBook Pro "Core i7" 2.6 15-Inch (Mid-2012 Retina Display)(which is mc976ll/a') , but also is documented as a separate model for reader convenience. "

Both keyboards my old one and new one are ISO since old one was UK. Both had reversed L as enter button.

However from description of this keyboard on amazon website this should fit models a1398 from mid 2012 to 2015 which according to your post can't be the case.

So looks like I have to contact seller about this.

I was hoping that maybe it is software issue like usb ports taken or something.

I wanted to post update for this post.

I have restored original keyboard ( replaced it for a second time with one which was originally installed in my mac). That didn't worked as planned. I still have same error message, but additionally I cannot work with nvidia chip. Looks like only way to work on my macbook pro is to use integrated graphic card.

One person on apple support group suggested my computer was hacked but have no idea if that is the case.



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