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Changing LCD and touch

My Samsung J7 pro has a broken LCD. When repairing do they have to change the touch too? And they say that they will change the body too. Is that necessary? And please post a video on how to fux Lcd screen because I want to try to do it myself

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I change the whole LCD of my Samsung j7 pro, at first its ok it turn on then suddenly black out. I used another new LCD but now it doesn't turn on, there is a sound but the new lcd does not have a power? what else should I check?


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Thank u so much

not a problem

I replaced the lcd already .. after 1 week of using.. it suddenly stop and the screen become blank.. . wat should i do? Thanku for the response☺


You need to change digitizer and lcd, that's how it works:

Samsung Galaxy J7 Display / LCD Replacement


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I had my lcd replaced it cost me P5,500 from a repair store. At first the technician said that i need to use the lcd that he replaced on my phone with a plastice seal from the inside of the screen and to its outer part to avoid getting scratches and so that if there's a problem on the screen they can also get the item replaced from their supplier. But how am I supposed to get its quality if I will use it with plastic seal speciall from the lcd how will it work well from its sensors and the colors from its diplay were not as like my original screen. Can I still have it replaced?


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