temp sensor removal & replacment

hey what's up everyone, so I have been over whelmed with the loss of my mother recently so I have not had anytime or drive to work on my bike, but today I was in the mood and I started knocking stuff out, now that being said I'm on the home stretch and I'm having some access problems to the "TEMP SENSOR" it is sandwiched between my front cylinder head and my front air box, with little to no space to get to that thing. in tried to remove the air box but the way the air box is kind of molded to fit rite were it is so I can seem to remove it, I have a lot on my mind and I just cant think out side the box, so maybe you can assist me with this issue thanks

Block Image

Block Image

sensor is in the middle and it is the bronze or copper looking thing

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Jonathan Pazderski what model and year is your bike?