Will new v1.1 digitizer work on v1.0 (original)

Hello everyone,

I am new to this community. It's 2017!! I am just wondering if anyone would know the answer to my questions.

So, TL;DR - Will v1.1 work on v1.0 (original)

So my broken LCD screen is LTL120QL01-001 v1.0

On a side note, I noticed that even the LCD has had an update, from 001 to 003 (on eBay), which is not the focus today.

So, I am just wondering will new LTL120QL01-001 v1.1 replacement work on a SP3 that has LTL120QL01-001 v1.0??

Much much appreciated for your help in advanced


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Hello all,

I would like to write a report on my results, to return my knowledge back to this community.

Again, I have a SP3, i5, with an n-trig digitalizer.

The following is the original LCD + digitalizer model version, respectively.

LTL120QL01-001 v1.0

I replaced it with

LTL120QL01-001 v1.1

Yes, same display LCD model, but upgraded digitalizer version (both are n-trig, not Wacom)

The newly upgraded LCD + digitalizer model works natively in the BIOS, but it would not work at all in Windows 8.1 (everything updated, including latest firmware)

i. Works in BIOS

ii. Does not respond to touches at all in Windows 8.1

iii. BUT it responds to both SP3 Pen, and SP4 Pen (without being paired via Bluetooth)

Then, I upgraded the system to Windows 10 (version 15**), and it works right away at the initial bootup/setup screen.

In conclusion, I do not know why my new LCD does not work at all in Windows 8.1


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i would be very careful about doing this, is your surface a pro 3 model? reason i say is because at some point, they switched from wacom digitizers to n-trig (and eventually bought n-trig if im not mistaken) so if you're switching from a digitizer that is wacom to n-trig you might have problems.

however, if you're certain that you're digitizer is an n-trig and the replacement is an n-trig just an updated model (or vice versa for wacom) it may be worth the risk, depending on whether there is any reward/benefit.

if not, i wouldnt bother and just replace it with an OEM digitizer that your device shipped with.


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Thanks for reporting your findings. How can I tell which version of digitizer my surface has?


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