模具型号A1707。于2017年6月上市,这台MacBook Pro的特征为配有Kaby Lake处理器,可升级至2.9GHz、可动态超频至3.9GHz四核英特尔酷睿i7处理器。

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Is the SSD upgradeable in the 2017 version?

the 2016 was soldered to the logic board...is the 2017 still soldered?

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Sadly both 13" & 15" Touch Bar models are soldered!

All of the Retina models have soldered RAM only the older non-Retina models have upgradable RAM. The newer Touch Bar (2016 & 2017) systems SSD storage is now soldered as well.

Rumor has it a Pro's MacBook Pro will be coming out which is hoped to have upgradable RAM & storage but we'll need to wait and see if Apple got the message when they intro'ed the late 2016 model and got a good scolding by the working Pro's who need more RAM, upgradable storage and USB-A ports.


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Is it possible to unsolder them off the board and replace them, as in apple just made it more difficult?

Clearly this is an advanced level of service that is well beyond a DIY.

With the proper skills and tools anything is possible. Micro-Soldering is not easy! The other issue is locating the replacement parts. The memory chips Apple is using are custom.

Got it - thanks for the reply!

I'm still waiting for a laptop which is upgradeable as in the years before. Especially the RAM and SSDs must be changeable by the owner!

From the technical side RAM should be extentable until 128GB and SSDs Storage must be unlimited.

There are a lot of Pro's also waiting for the REAL MacBook Pro to show up for the REAL Pro's!! I hope it comes out soon! As I want one for my self.

My largest client just dumped all of their MacBooks Pro's and most of their desktop systems for HP systems as they couldn't wait any more! They were still using the 15" Unibody's, iMac's & Mac mini's. We still have our Mac Pro's but they will be gone before the end of January.

So sad ;-{ Over 500 laptops and 200 desktops! Apple's slowness in addressing the Pro market (engineering in this case) is a crying shame. Yes, the new MacBook Pro's are selling, but not the deep creative type of users.

What made Apple MacBooks special was their...

Durability - Thats now gone! Keyboards are failing!

Expandability - Thats gone! Soldered RAM & Storage!

Security - Thats gone! No onboard USB-A port for crypt keys and you can't remove the drive for disposal or if required to monument it!

HP's are not as well built as the unibody's where so well need to replace them more frequently. But! they do something Apple still fails to do! Have service manuals online and have parts we can order!

Apple are you listening???? Lets get with it! A REAL Pro's MacBook Pro!

Start with the old Unibody body pull out the optical drive. Put in the best CPU, replicable RAM (up to 32GB at least) & SSD (RAID drive support), Retina class display at least 2 USB-A ports & 2 USB-C ports, latest 802.11 & Bluetooth services, better battery. And keep! The older keyboard, MagSafe (or something better) , Ethernet (10/100/1000BASE-T is fine) as well as a bigger battery. If you can squeeze the weight down but don't sacrifice durability! Now make three versions! 13" 15" & 17" models.

NO Dongles!!!



The SSD is still soldered, Apple isn't well-known for making their devices modular.


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What's the best way to let Apple know that this sucks? Is there a petition or something?


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I would write a stern note to Tim! His email address is tcook@apple.com

Be polite and use clean language as these will be tossed before anyone reads them.

The key areas I would hit are:

- Lack of serviceable and expandable RAM

- Lack of serviceable and expandable Storage

- Lack of older USB A ports (2)

- Lack of MagSafe type of power connection that's flush with the case.

Yes, I agree with your requirements !

They know. They just dont care , and after 15 years with the mac, I'm very very close to making the 2017 my last mac. And thats a %#*@ shame. But I cant repair this. I cant upgrade this, and holy cow this keyboard is balls.

The bottom line is Apple is producing products they want or think we want. They say they are listening to the customer but their actions say otherwise. Did we want a MacBook with a touch bar? No. Did we want a new MacBook design that has only one port? No. Did we ask for a Mac Pro that is extremely costly if not impossible to upgrade or repair? No. Apple thinks they are still the Steve Job's era innovative company but they are not. According to reputable and verifiable surveys they rank near the bottom for innovation. They need to get their heads of of their [blank] and pay attention otherwise they are just going to accentuate and accelerate the trend of once Apple fan boys to Apple haters.

Apple is a phone company. Computers are way down the list of things they care about. It's a shame because at one time they were the best.

Apple can make the laptop smaller and thinner if they do away with the mechanism that latches the memory and SSD in place, and solder instead. Same with battery compartment and latching mechanism. I get it for the Macbook Air and regular Macbook, but the pro really needs to be a pro quality machine.

Apple need to add a new line called the Macbook Extreme, or Macbook Gnarly, or Macbook Max, or Macbook Supreme; though the last one sounds like it may come with sour-cream and extra cheese.

I for one would happily give up the thin small laptop and go for one that is a little thicker, in exchange for some upgradeability.



No in 13" nTB 2017 it's not soldered but I think even if you change it (assuming you can buy SDD with apple connector) it probably wouldn't work - same as wifi card (wifi chip is soldered ) - it's paired with mobo


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Just to be clear here the OP was asking about the Touch Bar model not the Function Key model.

- The Touch Bar model: RAM & SSD as well as the WiFi/Bluetooth logic are soldered to the main logic board not upgradable!

- The Function Key model: RAM and WiFi/Bluetooth logic are soldered to the main logic board. Unlike the Touch Bar model the SSD is removable! But! its using a newer custom SSD unit than the older models. At this time no one is offering replacement SSD's.

Thanks Dan. Great summary


At least selling their own SSD in stores will be great I have MacBook Pro Early 2015

It struggles with storage, I'm unable to get Apple's original SSD online as well as in stores. I don't trust 3rd party SSD's any suggestion?


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Your in luck! There are a few options:

- Transcend - JetDrive 820

- OWC - SSD Flash Storage Upgrades

Both are dependable!

I have an early 2015 Macbook Pro and put a 1Tb SSD in. Went in just fine though it was more expensive that I thought it should be at around £730



Question was about the SSD and not the memory. Good response for the memory.


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creative guru - I did answer it.

To be clear - Both 13" & 15" Touch Bar systems in both 2016 & 2017 models have soldered storage and RAM.

You really can't call it an SSD any more as that sorta implies its removable instead the discreet flash and controller chips are mounted directly on the logic board. Its more like a cell phone than a computer.

Thanks for posting this! Can one assume the non-touchbar version is the same as the touchbar for a "hard drive" swap? I'm pretty daring and tech savvy but soldering a chip is too much for me. Bottom line sounds like order the larger size "drive" if you think you are going to need it. Thanks again for the update.

In a strange way, the 'Function Key' model has a removable SSD module. But sadly, it is using a different form factor than the older MacBook Pro retina models. Given the limited market of this model I doubt anyone will offer replacement drives.

With the Touch Bar models, there's more to it than just swapping chips. There's a lot more it than that! These are very small and dense chips which are custom to Apple between getting your hands on to working chips as well as have the needed rework tools so you don't damage your system it would be foolhardy to even attempt.


Hey Dan! I know that the RAM on the newer MacBooks are soldered, but do you know if there is any options at the moment for replacement drives such as 512GB for the MacBook Pro 2017 'Function Key' model? I mean if I bought the Macbook Pro 256GB 'Function Key' 2017 model would it be possible to upgrade the SSD? For example to 512GB.


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The SSD is serviceable (removable) currently your only option is Apple as no 3rd party has made the investment on reverse engineering them.

Here's one source but he is often out of stock Solid State Drive (512GB) or Solid State Drive (1TB) I don't know where Cody gets them but these are the custom Apple SSD drives!



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