Dell Latitude D630 is a thin and lightweight version of the Latitude line. With a 14.1 LCD screen and a 9 cell battery, this laptop is meant to be more mobile.

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Best processor possible for the Dell Latitude D630?

Hello! I have a Latitude D630 that I've spent a lot of time upgrading and servicing as a side project. I was wondering the upgrade path from where I am. I have a Core 2 Duo and would like to go further down the CPU route. It is a Socket P (478) Motherboard.

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Intel SLAZ3 Core 2 Extreme Processor CPU X9000 (6M Cache, 2.80 GHz, 800 MHz FSB)

Look on eBay. Currently going for ~$45

*I have one in my d630 and it works great!


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Sounds good. I might grab one.

Just curious, what is battery life and temps like? I get decent temps and battery life with my Core 2 Duo T7300 but was wondering what the Core Extreme was like since it has a 9W higher TDP.

I actually grabbed a X9100 @ 3.06GHz, for cheaper than the X9000


When I upgraded my d630 processor a few years ago I read a lot of controversial discussions about the X9000’s higher wattage, and therefore possible higher temps. I do remember at least one person that said he had tried one without any problems, but he listed no info to back it up..

So, before I installed my X9000, I recorded before power consumption and temperatures (under various conditions(for my T9300), including max CPU usage for extended periods of time), then I installed my X9000 and collected the same data. The results(watts/heat) were almost exactly the same (T9300 vs X9000), and the X9000 made significant difference in performance.

I have had the X9000 running in my d630 for a few years now, and this laptop is still used daily for email, web browsing, and YouTube. Relatively speaking, it works fantastic, for 2007 technology based laptop.

What also really makes these d630’s hum is adding a SSD drive, and 4 to 8GB of Ram.

-miker71 (responce part 1 of 2)

(response part 2 of 2)


BTW: As far as I know, the X9100 will not POST(not work) in the d630. I remember reading that others had tried this with no luck. The X9100 is a 1066MHZ CPU, whereas the X9000 is an 800MHZ CPU. The d630 can only handle 800MHZ CPU, and therefore the X9000 is the fastest CPU it can use.

Also: You will need to flash you BIOS to at least version A17 (A19 is the highest)

Here is a quick rap sheet(specs) of my maxed out d630:

Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme X9000 CPU/2.8ghz/6MB, 8GB Ram, SAMSUNG 850 PRO 2.5" 256GB SATA III 3-D Vertical SSD, Intel Wireless-AC 7260.HMWG.R (Revised) 887Mbps w/intel Driver Ver 17.0, Nvidia Quadro 135M/128MB Dedicated, WXGA 1440x900, Flush Mount PCMCIA SDHC Card Reader, 12 cell Battery, Win7 64bit, BIOS A19, WEI=4.1


-miker71 (response part 2 of 2)



I think that you cant upgrade your Laptop CPU.


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It can indeed be upgraded. This is an older laptop that is more modular.

Older ones that have a socket, yes. However, on newer laptops it is more difficult


Reed, Did you ever get the x9100 to work? I got one and tried and like mentioned above, it will not post at all.


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X9000 going for ~$70 on ebay USA / $~50 China....

Pop it in, works like a champ!



Sorry for the incredibly late response, no, I was unable to get a POST with the X9100, just like you said. I sent it back.



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