How do I fix a tablet that has been exposed to cold temperature?

My friend gave me her tablet to keep but there's only one problem: she left the tablet on cold concrete during the winter when she meant to put it on her pillow and after that, the screen won't get passed the Coby logo when powered on. I tried booting it into recovery mode but the screen flickers. I tried blow drying it for a couple of minutes but it wouldn't work. What should I do?

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Solution 1

This is a very common problem with many laptops. When left in cold temperatures condensation can form around and even into the device which means when it returns to normal temperature the condensation will become a very small amount of water. The best thing you can do is run the standard procedures for recovering a device dropped in water.

This includes:

  • Letting it dry for two days
  • Putting it in a bag of uncooked rice
  • Using a hairdryer on it
  • Other potential options

Solution 2 (with a price)

This is kind of your last choice and most desperate solution. When only the boot up screen can show the most common solution for tablets is a hard reset. A hard reset will clear ALL data from the device, that is a warning so don't blame it on me. Only do this if your okay with loosing everything that was on this device. Remove the SD card if possible.

To do a hard reset you must

  1. Shut the tablet all the way down
  2. Hold down the volume down button while turning the tablet back on
  3. Keep pressing the volume down button until two icons appear
  4. To do the hard reset press the icon to the left (That looks like an android and a box) by pressing the down volume button

As I haven't done this in a while I think its easy enough for you to take it from there. The up and down volume buttons should be the buttons for selecting things, what you want to do is wipe all data. If this doesn't work try other peoples' solutions. Other than that we should all just hope wiping all data will fix it and that your display isn't permanently damaged.


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The thing is--

I tried booting into recovery mode but the screen flashes quickly with a white screen or something.



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