Speed, lawn mower stays on idle

How to increase speed, mower stays on low

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What exactly model is the mower? Also, can you take some photos of the where the throttle ends?


Depends on the mower... Older mowers, that only have a lever to engage the blades and no throttle control lever, will usually have a throttle adjustment lever on the carburetor itself (usually labeled with a turtle and bunny, or + and - symbols).

If the mower has a lever that has a turtle and bunny on it, then you push the lever toward the bunny. If that doesn't adjust the speed, then follow the cable attached to the lever to where it terminates and look to see if the end moves when you adjust the lever. If it doesn't, then you need a replacement cable. If the cable moves but the carburetor resists movement, then you may need to clean the carburetor.