2000 Accord dies while driving fine Wait 3 minutes to restart,

Sounds like the Ignition Switch I have ben reading about for 2 day's. Have some specific atributes that make me think, 'Mystery" Intrige & bloody knuckles. 3 lights come on in dash,Brake, Battery, and open Door's, and go off, and back on. Not blinking on/off then Car dies. Next useually it will not start back up with out a 3 minute wait. I did this today parked tryig to cause stall by wiggleing the Ignition Switch, and letting it snap back from crank Pos. No effect I'm thinking the delay to restart, is caused from a Relay, circut breaker, with thermo protection of sorts. Perhaps the Switch has a reset delay property? If anyone can be dialed in on info I would like to hear it. My Daughters car. I drive Vintage Old School. Thank you.

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