How is SD reader attached to board?

Hi: I bought a second hand 'beautiful condition' Classic from Amazon.

It arrived poorly packed and with minimal documentation, but was otherwise in amazingly good condition and looked unused.

I found out why when I put an SD card in and it wasn't recognised. Inspection by flash photoing the port with another phone, established that there were only 4 pins in the reader and it had probably never worked, and the phone has probably been going back and forward to Amazon ever since.

Can still use everything else, and it's easy to transfer files by proximity linking with my other phones, but it would still be nice to have the capacity back.

I did a minor strip down to get a look at the reader, and then ordered a spare for a couple of quid on Alibaba. I watched a strip down video on YouTube, but it moved too fast to see how the SD readers are attached to the board, so I've not gotten around to stripping it right down to do the repair yet.

I wonder if anyone on ifixit has done a complete teardown that shows this. I heard someone from the organisation on the 'Fair' podcast, who said they always do a complete teardown of new devices, so I was a bit disappointed not to find one here for the Classic.

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