Why my tv has No sound

sound is intermitten.tv only months old. 32'' element tv

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Thanks......We went to sleep with sound & woke up to no sound but thanks for putting step by step instructions.....

When i turn my Finlux 32 inch tv on , i have sound but after some times the sound stop and dont come back on till i turn it off then put on before i can get sound again , so how can i fix it

hi.are you fix problem


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Hi @leon1 ,

Have you tried using headphones (if there is a headphone socket) to listen if the audio is OK or not there?

What is the audio source for the TV, antenna signal, HDMI input, Composite or Component input etc?

If it occurs on only one type of input check the output of the device that is sending the signal, e.g. set top box or PVR etc. by connecting it to another TV if possible (except antenna perhaps, if it is faulty the video should be affected as well)

If it occurs on all types of inputs and in the headphones as well, since the TV is only a few months old (from new?), verify the purchase date as printed on the TV sales receipt or proof of purchase document and then consult the warranty statement that came with the TV documentation, first to verify the warranty period and if it is still valid, as to what you have to to to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.


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If you have picture but no sound

  1. Press Volume Up Button to check that the volume is at a high enough level.
  2. Check all wires to ensure they are firmly connected, including any coaxial cable.
  3. Ensure that the audio and video cables are connected to the same inputs on the TV.
  4. For example, if the video cables are connected to the Video 1 set of inputs, be sure the audio cables are also connected to the Video 1 set of inputs.
  5. If you are using an HDMI cable, see I just installed HDMI cables, and now I have no audio.
  6. If available, try replacing the audio cables with a different set. If this resolves the problem, the cables are bad and need to be replaced.
  7. If the issue remains, reboot your Spectrum Receiver by unplugging the power cord for 5 to 10 seconds and then plugging it back in.
  8. When the time is displayed on the front of the Spectrum Receiver, turn it back on.


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Today 12-24-2017,

I have an Element 42 inch. Picture with no sound. Well, I finally called the cable company and after 1 minute flat the sound was back on.

On the cable remote (upper left corner right above the yellow triangle) click Settings, scroll down to Devices hit ok, then a Settings menu appears, select Audio Output Format, then select HDMI or whatever you'd like the sound to play from. Wow after less than one minute sound is back. I hope this helps someone. I spent about an hour reading and trying different things to trouble shoot and fix the sound. Wow SMH...


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so a lot of times the problem is when you have multiple remotes see the cable remote controls volume for the cable box so that has to be all the way up and unmuted


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