White hue around screen edges and flashing? was fine an hour ago?

I've had my DSi XL since about 2010 and it's been in great condition and im very particular about keeping my systems in good condition. However, after closing my dsi xl on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team for about an hour, my DSi was making a weird ticking sound. I opened it and it seemed fine but I noticed a hue around both the bottom and top screen that was not there before. When i closed it again, the noise continued. I opened it slightly to see, and the screens were flashing as if trying to shut off but they couldn't. I reset my DSi and it still has the hue but no longer does the ticking. I tried another game in it too, to see if it was just my game, but the white hue around my screens stayed. I have never dropped it in water and I never leave it on the ground, it had been resting on my bed. Plugging it in did not help either.

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Could you send some pictures ?