Released in 2015 as an upgrade to the Cloud headset.

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Headset cable broken cannot rewire

So after using the HyperX Cloud 2 for like 7 months I cannot hear anything from the right ear cup.

This happened when I was playing CS:GO.

I played several times with the cable going up in the headband, that's why the cable broke. (Check image)

(It's actually the other cable going up in the headband that broke)

Block Image

I tried to wire them back and plug it in. It didn't work because the green wire has a special coating ? (Check Image)

(Not the broken wire)

Block Image

(The broken wire)

Block Image

Now only the mic and the left ear cup is working, what can I do to fix the wire problem ?

I tried to wire them back together but it didn't work because of the special coating i'm guessing ?

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You need to strip the coating. I suggest using a lighter to melt it off. I found that works the best. After its stripped, you need to resolder the cables together, which i assume you know how to do.


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Thank you so much, i'll try that today.

Can you not use the lighter to remove the special coating and wrap them together? The same as using speaker wire or does it have to be soldered?



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