How to disassemble T100Chi? (for battery replacement)

Could someone disassemble it?

The battery life is in the 50% and i think will have to replace it in a few months.

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I broke my glass trying to open mine. Don't find any how to's for the Chi,,,, Help

Where do I get the following parts?

# Usb charging board assembly. The board where the USB charger port mounts on is damaged.

# Ditigitizer screen.

@mot100 : I bought some of them on aliexpress, you could also check on ebay or amazon


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Hi, I fix it! Here is a picture from the inside of my T100 Chi for reference. The best way is with a plastic paper and a little solvent, introducing the paper by the corners and then advancing on the sides. Using heat is very difficult and tedious, progress detaching the screen is very slow.

In the end I was forced to disarm it because it did not start, nor did it charge the battery. I had to disassemble it, disconnect the battery from the mainboard for a few seconds and then reconnect it.

Now works fine!

Block Image


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Great job! But I have a few questions:

- is the screen only glued? No clip?

- How can I change the battery? Is every screw reachable? Do I have to remove some other cables or antennas?

- Did you change the battery? If yes, where did you buy it?

- How can I put back the screen again? Do I need some glue?

Thank you very much.

@romank Sorry for the very late response:

-The screen is only glued on the outer edge (approx. 1cm wide on the edge on each side).

-Once the screen is removed, it is easy to access the battery and replace it. I bought the battery on aliexpress.

-Yes i used 3M brand double sided adhesive tape to put back the screen.


The screen is glued on a frame that is clipped AND screwed to the tablet.

With an Issemo you can unclip the frame (AT THIS LOCATION ONLY) at the CENTER LEFT of the tablet. Move upwards, not downwards, and just unclip one or two clips, NO MORE or you will crack the screen. It is the only spot with no screws holding the frame. You're only unclipping there to give you an access point between the frame and the glass for the next step.

Use a thin piece of plastic, some heat, and some alcohol(not mandatory) to detach the glass from the frame. Don't go further than the black border on each sides, and only about half the black border on the bottom and the top. BE CARFULL at the top, in the middle and a little to the left (towards the power button) are your cables for the touch and the LCD.

I recommend to separate the glass from the frame on each side and the bottom first. Then, for the top, start at the right moving towards the center, but stop a little bit before, and then use heat to melt the remaining glue and lift the screen from the bottom towards the top until you can see the 3 flex cables attached to the board.

Disconnect your cables and your good to go!

Good luck, you'll need it! lol


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Thanks for the answer! i will try to open it in the next days, could you please add some pictures or drawings?. From already thank you!


That might be of use to both of you.


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I just attempted it to try and repair my charge port. The iSesamo got the tiniest bit into the screen and it cracked. Just don't.


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Did you heat the screen up first making sure it is just barely too hot to touch? Also what kind of angle were you going in at and how much force were you applying.

If you heated up the screen, went at a low angle and used not a lot of force, you should have been fine.



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