Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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My iPod is probably trash but maybe someone can help?

My ipod touch 6th generation is probably trash by now because the screen is shattered, but i can still see and use it and the power button is completely broken, but i have been using it just fine recently until today, it wont charge and i cant even factory reset it threw itunes because it says nothing is plugged into my laptop. i know my charger isn't broken or anything. And i just don't have the money to get the button and screen replaced, but even with them being broken, it still worked perfectly fine, but now it wont charge, or even turn on, is there any way i can fix it? i don't want to throw it away but i have tried looking and plenty of options to try to fix it and have found nothing at all.

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check the charge port for any damage

hm, I don't see anything wrong with it

Madison it's probably the motherboard


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If you don't have money to fix anything, trash it.

Don't be so cheap.


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@madd, there isn't much else you can do for free!

i agree, ill just trash it.



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