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Home Button will not work after replacing digitizer and screen

Ok, I know I must have done something horrible to the connection of the Home Button when I replace the broken digitizer and screen. But for the life of me I don't know which part to replace to make the home button work again. I must have damage it when I peel off the front screen with a spudger and a hair dryer. Somehow I must have damage the cables. So my question is: Which component do i replace? And where can I purchase that component? By the way the screen and digitizer works perfectly now. But the Home Button who was working perfectly prior to the repair is no longer functioning.

Please help. thanks in advance.

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Sometimes when i replace a digitizer, i will accidentally bent one of the home button contacts out of place... check the "metal prongs" coming out of the backside of the lcd/digitizer assembly, they should be straight and be sticking out enough so that they can touch the metal pads on the dock flex cable. Also i like to scrape the metal pads on the dock flex cable a little bit to get a better connection.

- you can test wether the problem is the dock cable or the home button by bridging the home button pads with a paper clip, while the screen lcd is plugged in you should see the iPhone act as if the home button was pressed if the dock connector/logic board is working fine. home button contact pads should be to the Right of the text "J3".


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I totally snapped off the contacts...Do you know what the cable is called that the connectors are on?

i dont understan, is there a picture?

Top answer .. worked a treat


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Home button sometimes not working



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This answer is totally wrong. contacts from home button refer to later models past iPhone 5. iPhone 1gen (2g) had fixed cable that includes charging, home button and mic leading directly to its mainboard. if home button doesn't work its probably the cable's fault or connector in mainboard.


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