Endless bootloop until dead.

My mother has had many problems with her 12.2 inch tablet including a flashing screen, overheating, spontaneous crashes, lag in simple games, and finally (the last nail in the coffin) continuous and uninterruptible boot loops. From the moment it is plugged in to the moment it runs out of power again, it loops the Samsung logo. If given enough juice to loop for a while, the screen flashes and the battery/CPU gets very hot. We're hoping a repair will be cheaper than purchasing another brand new.

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Samsung devices often suffer from a stuck power button that can cause this constant rebooting. This particular repair can surely be more economical than replacing. Not sure about other causes and remedies.


My mother and I may have figured it out. It took days of endless bootlooping while plugged into an outlet for something to change. Now, we see this: [image|1084866]

So it seems the bootloop problem was because of a failed system update (software) rather than a component (hardware).

When the system update finally finishes, we'll check to see if the overheating problems stay. I just hope the bootlooping never comes back.


So did it fix your problem. What about overheating, any change?