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The iFi does not power up - the internal fuse is fine.

I have a Klipsch iFi 2.1 Speaker System for iPods (Discontinued). It has been off for a few months and now it does not power up - no power on LED glowing on the back panel and the iPod dock control does not light up either. The internal 2A fuse is fine, and 115V AC is going into the fuse clips. I can't go any further in without electricueting myself.

Has anyone else experienced a dead iFi and sucessfully troubleshooted it?

Thanks - Mike

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mmano46028, congratulations on your repair. All you have left now is to change your comment to an answer so that we all know that your "case is closed" congratulations, good job.


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Case closed!


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Cool. Thanks.


Yippey! Got it working by replacing the 25V 4700pf capacitor and 4 of the 35V 4700 pf capacitors. The original caps had bulging tops, so replaced them with true audio grade caps (Nichicon brand). I found a post on the Klipsch support website.


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Do you mind if you can post the link to the Klipsch support website post?

I don't mind - please do to help other people with the same problem....I can't live without my Klipsch iFi!

Sorry mmano46028, what I meant to ask is if you still have the link to the post on the Klipsch support website on this topic that you found.

I tried replacing the 2amp fuse, which was visibly burnt to a crisp, and as soon as I powered it on it popped the fuse again. My next step is to replace the capacitors. I can't believe I was so ignorant the first time around. When I saw this post, I went back to check the capacitors and at least 3 of them had bulging tops. I really appreciate the tip here! I'll post again when I've given this a try. Thanks.


On mine, the fuses would blow in just a second. since they are slow blow, that makes sense. the real problem was that the MOV1 or varistor (the little round yellow transistor next to the fuse) was blown, and was creating a short circuit.

I looked into getting a replacement for TVR14181,

but finally decided to do the best thing........

cut it out with snipes and use a surge protector that

had the same functionality. device works fine!


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