Logic board heating up after cleaning with isopropyl

I accidentally fell into our pool with my Nexus 5 in my pocket, was in the pool submerged for 15 to 20 seconds. Here are the steps I took

  1. I immediately put it in rice and started looking up fixes for it.
  2. I took off the back and the plastic covers (left the battery in and connected mostly because of the glue) and left it in the rice for 24 hours and read up on how to revive the phone.
  3. After that I took out the battery, there was a little water on the battery hidden away. I dried it off then took out the logic board
  4. I let the phone dry for another 24 hours
  5. My wife had a baby, so it was about a week after that that I finally got toa pharmacy and got some 99% alcohol
  6. By this time there was signs of corrosion on the board
  7. I soaked the board in alcohol for 15 minutes, then scrubbed the places where I saw corrosion. This made little difference.
  8. I then soaked the board for a good 4 hours, then left it to dry for another 24 hours
  9. Corrosion on the board was visibly gone, a little bit was on the SIM card holder

NOTE: there was some residue on the plastic piece the LCD screen sits in. and around some of the threads of the screws in the corner of the phone - I scrubbed this a little but mostly ignored it

NOTE: The battery might be bulging a little bit - hard to tell as the back cover closed with no problems

The phone turned on fine and seems to work well (SIM not inserted). Wifi, Mic LCD, camera all worked with about a 5 minute test. Battery was at about 40%. The problem I am having is that the logic board is heating up quickly after turning on. basically gets warm on boot, especially around the camera.

I'm keeping it off for now, but was hoping for some advice on what might be the problem. could the battery be causing this? Should I clean the logic board again? should I just try and backup my phone and consider it dead?


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