DSI XL is blinking orange but will not turn on

I have a Nintendo DSI XL that will not turn on. When it's in the charger I only see a blinking Orange LED. I already reseated the battery and cleaned the battery connection points but that did not solve the problem. I tried testing the power board with a multimeter and that seems okay. When the battery is out of the DSI XL it still keeps blinking orange and will not turn on. Can a DSI XL boot with only a power cord attached to it so I can narrow down the problem?

And what could be the problem in your opinion the battery or the power board. I also tried a different charger but that's not the problem. Thanks in advance for the help!

Edit: I just tested a DS Lite I had with the multimeter on the power connection on the mainboard and noticed that the power on multimeter goes up and down alot. When I pushed the DS lite's battery to the battery connection points and still had the multimeter attached to the power connection on the mainboard the power stayed constant.

I then tried to do same thing with the DSI XL but it keeps going up and down with the battery in it.

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Potentially sounds like a dead battery. Yes, this is an old question, just putting my thoughts here for anyone referencing this.