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How to charge the PSP with laptop computer?

PSP does not get charged with laptop socket

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Thanks. Is the charger available in Bangalore as I do not have the original with me now.

i am pretty handy when it comes to anything electronic and not every psp has the usb charge feature...... but I am working on some low-tech mods for charging will reply schematics if it works.


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The PSP 1001 phat will not charge via USB without a hardware mod. If you're good with small electronics and a soldering iron you can pull the mobo and solder a thin cable from the USB port to the power. Google it.


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Go to settings>system setting>USB charging-turn it on.

Then connect USB cable to psp and to laptop/computer go to settings,go to second options USB connect. All done the green light (near powerbutton) turn to orange colour and your psp start charging


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If you are trying to charge the PSP with the PSP USB cable, it should work.

Make sure your laptop is charging when you plug in your USB cable to your PSP. Sometimes laptops turn off USB ports when they are running off a battery. If that doesnt work make sure your PSP is off(and both USB ports on computer and PSP are clean and free of debris) and try another USB port on your laptop.


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Kman is right. A PSP 1000, the first model, is unable to be charged via USB connection. Your answer works with the 2000, the 3000, the Go and the Street PSP.

Thanks Sefano. I found lots of posts about usb charging and thought I was crazy because it never would work. Turns out this model simply doesn't charge by usb.


every psp can charge via USB

follow this steps:

1-turn on psp

2-go to settings

3- choose system settings

4- choose USB charge

5- turn it on

6- plug the usb cable through psp and laptop/desktop

7-go to settings and choose USB connection

8-if you see a red light it is charging

note:you can't play it while charging


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Perhaps you should do your research before replying to a years old post. The hardware of the original PSP was not set up to charge over USB, it was not possible without an internal modification.

Heyyy guys, i found a psp go in a charity bag and brought it home with all the components however it has no charge and came with an american plug, as i am British, it is useless and for some reason the psp will not charge through a usb port? Any suggestions?


how do i charge my PSP with no usb setting on and no AC adapter? is there a way


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