wont start after starter replacement

I replace the starter and battery on my f150 2005, I replaced the battery at the same time. I removed the battery replaced the starter then put the new battery in after. I went to the cab and tried to start it and nothing. I went to the starter solenoid and jumped the power to the signal terminal and the engine started to crank over. I went into the fuse box after this and jumped the power terminals on the plug in and the truck started. I shut off the truck and attempted again with no start again. I then switched the replay out and attempted again with no start. after this I checked the fuse for the ignition and starter replay and the looked fine. it seems like I'm not getting power to the switch terminal (85) on the starter relay. I'm lost at this point. any help would be appreciated.

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Do you have a remote start, hood has to be closed to crank or you may have to close hood and cycle locks with remote then try to crank.