Wi-Fi only version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1566.

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not responding screen black screen


i have bought new screen with the digitizer .. i had the iPad ready before the screen arrived it was working perfectly all i had to do is connect the cable for the new screen on the iPad and I'm done! what i didn't see coming is that the screen did not respond! its black i thought something must be not right with the screen so i plugged the old screen to check and it tuned out to work perfectly!!! when i tried with the new screen it still black and after a while the old screen didn't respond as well the new one either black or with lines .

what can i do ? what to replace etc!

Update (01/19/2017)

this is the screen

Block Image

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are you replacing the digitizer or the lcd? did you disconnect the battery prior to replacing?


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this lcd display in pic is shot. you will have to replace it with more care as the lcd panel is extremely fragile


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the problem is i bought it from the website and it came to me in the pic you see

hi Maryam then this has likely to have happened in the post due to the fragility of the LCD crystals in the display. it is not uncommon for us repairers to lift a lcd display working and replace it finding it damaged even with the up most care being used. the replacement will solve your issue thought and isolate the battery prior to replacing the display



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