no data connection issues

My ZTE N817 will no longer allow me a wireless data connection. Somehow my phone app has been disabled and I cannot fix it after several attempts and a hard reset. Any suggestions?

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Just verifying that you cannot turn on data connection in Settings > wireless and Networks > more > data connection?

Have you tried a different known working network compatible SIM card in your phone to see if it works?

Have you tried your SIM card in another known working, network compatible phone to see if it works properly there?

(basically swap the SIM cards between 2 phones on the same network (yours and another properly working phone) and see if the problem stays with your phone or moves to the other phone)


My phone is Qlink and has internal SIM


Even at that! Your mobile device has a slot for a networking domain, think about it what ISP would even think it's totally okay to not have %100 control over you're paid/free device. Past that thought, I've been at war with this very same issue I've be up for 3 day's attempting any solution, even found a 2nd ZTE N817 device that's true=disconnected, no longer active, But still managed to receive a (3g) signal all while my true=connected device can't even find it's own IPA or even MPN with anything i try....I've just about exhausted every troubleshooting method's i can lay my eye's on to revive this device, If you have the phone at this point, you may as well root it, ask to recover from absence and iterate a OTA; (which seem's impossible because isn't really they're own .co anymore). Or just scrap or sell it, You'll be lucky to find a CSIM for CDMA device's (portrayed to be *under-the-battery* as [micro_sim] assuming it's under the sticker or inside the device frame)


My qlink phone has no data I cannot get the data working and I cannot get YouTube working YouTube kids working what is the problem