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What is the pinout for the SAMSUNG YP-K3 Mp4 player?

I have the device split open, I also have a cable of some sorts ready for it, and also an image of what pins a USB cable for it looks. They are laid on top of eachother in the pic below. All I want to know is , which pins from that data port are +5v, data - , data +, and GND. I say 6 and 13 are definitely GND but it sure does not follow a standard USB pin layout. ( +5, -D, +d, GND )

Block Image

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I have assembler my samsung mp3, mp4 Cable, you connect

Capble - USB

Pin 9: +5v

Pin 15: Data -

Pin 10: data +

Pin 6 and pin 13: GND


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I know its too late but this info is wrong.

Pin 15 is Data +

Pin 10 is Data -

and if someone was interested on know more from this player, here is the manual service:

U're welcome


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