The NW-HD5 is an updated design from Sony's HD1 / HD3 hard-drive MP3 players. It has a removable Lithium Ion battery, 20GB hard drive and supports ATRAC, ATRAC3 and MP3 (CBR & VBR)

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Headphone jack not working

The headphone jack on my Sony is not working. Can only hear if I jiggle headphones in socket.

Update (12/17/2016)


Thanks. Yes, it happens with other earphones. I guess I need to know if it is a simple thing to repalce a headphone jack myself.

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Hi @vonny

Here is a link to the service manual for your player.

It shows the procedures necessary to dis-assemble the player so that you can gain access to the mainboard on which the headphone jack is mounted.

It may be that the headphone jack is just loose on the mainboard (due to the headphone being plugged in and out over a long period of time) and that it can be reconnected to the mainboard. To do this you will need SMD (surface mount device) soldering expertise and tools.

If the jack is not loose but that the internal connecting springs in the jack itself have lost their tension then the jack will need to be replaced.

Here is the part number for the jack. Sony part 1-818-591-11.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find a supplier by searching online for it. You may have to contact Sony parts in your location to see if it is still available.

If repairing it yourself seems too daunting, I suggest that first see if you can get the replacement part and then contact at least 3 reputable professional electronic or computer or mobile phone repair services and ask for a quote for a repair. Advise them that the service manual is available online as this will be a help to them. I suggest contacting 3 as this way you will have a better idea of the cost if all the quotes are nearly the same.


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Thank you so much for your informative response and for taking the time to search out the manual, part no. and supplier. You are right, repairing it myself is far too daunting! I did not imagine that there would be anyone who would want to be bothered repairing it, so I will certainly look into that armed with the part no.

Hi @vonny ,

You're welcome.

Hopefully you'll find someone to repair it for you, if you can get the part, of course.

Unfortunately these days it is usually the owner who couldn't be bothered to get it repaired as 'newer' devices have more 'features' and are most probably cheaper to buy than to get the old one repaired. This trend has led to the reduction of skilled general electronic devices repairers, except for mobile phone repairers.


Try using another EarPods, if it still happens maybe your headphone jack has a problem with it. Basically they will suggest you to replace the headphone jack


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