A compact digital camera released 09/15/2005.

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My Camera can not read the card.

My powershot sd450 can not read any Compact flash card.It gave me an error,"unable to read card".

I took it to the repair store and I was informed that my card reading pins are bad and need replacement.

Can you help me as to how to replace the card reading pins and where I can find a replacement for it?

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my 32gb sam disc SDHC SD card won't work with my canon power shoot, but my 216mb SD card will work. can you help me fix my problem?


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have you tried cleaning the card slot from the outside first?

you could try following one of the guides to open the camera and take a look at the pins. I couldn't find it specifically on the guides to the right but I'm sure it's possible. You may then be able to lift the pins so they make better contact with card. You may not need to replace them!

I've just dismantled 2 kodak cameras without a guide so give it a go!


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I got a hunch that it's not your pins. Something tells me that you just bought a brand new 4GB "SDHC" card. There are several possible causes for "memory card locked", "memory card error", or "no memory card". Some include trying to use a SDHC card with an older camera made before SDHC format came out. Others include problems with the tiny slide switch on the side of the card, or the electrical contact switch internal to the camera. The problem may also arise from simple formatting problems if the card has never been formatted in the camera (note that this will also erase the card). Troubleshooting tips for this problem may be found at this link.


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good answer-forgot about formatting disks just the other day... easy to forget to reformat when you update the camera drivers..

My camara has shown "card locked" for the past month and I had no idea what to do with this until I read the above help that said to check the slide lock on the SD card itself. So yes indeed somehow the slide lock was on and when I moved it back to normal - whoo hoo the camara now works again. Thank you for all your insightful help.

glad to help. ;-)


I took apart the camera and found the pins are in proper alignment so I wipe the pins with sensor cleaner, put them back together, and insert compact flash card and reformat the card.

Lo and behold, the camera is working again and hasn't give me any error messages since, knock on wood.

Thank you all for your helpful suggestions.

I very much appreciate it.


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hurrah! we like happy endings...

ps. come back and accept camera repair guy's answer seeing he helped you! thanks

How did you get to the pins?



i had the same problem but it will take the 518 card but not a normal one


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