The Coolpix S7000 was released in 2015. The camera has 20x wide optical zoom, Wi-Fi capabilities, and Near-Field-Communications (NFC).

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will not accept an SD card or allow me to format it

I can insert a memory card but it shows "Memory card is write protected" When going to menu all is in gray, no function. I tried many cards it's the same.

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On the left side of all full size SD cards, there is a yellow slider. Sliding it down locks the card as shown by the camera. Sometimes, the slider can get loose and slide down when you insert it into your camera. You must either replace the card, or a simple fix that only requires a piece of tape. Take a small piece of tape and wrap it around the slider while in the up (unlocked) position, making sure it doesn't cover any of the copper pins. All fixed! Hope this helps!


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Yes the SD card have a write protection like the old floppy disks.

Look at the photo in the link below and move the slide into the other position then you should be able to write to the card again.


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I have done the slide on the card but the camera will not accept any card.

Can you read the and written to those cards on another PC? Do they work there?

Have you looked if there is any new firmware for the camera on the homepage from nikon?

does anyone know if the slider is an actual "Switch" that sends a signal through the contacts, or if something physically "Feels" the position of the switch like the write-protect sliders on old 3.5 floppies?

There are no signals in the flash, it is like on the floppy the reader that feels the position. Read under the link above the topic "Write-protect notch" for explanations.

I had a 4-5 cards that would not work (Micro SD cards with adapter). I figured that the camera did like this set up. I was able to get an old 2gb card to work. I noticed when Nikon formatted the drive it added 3 folders. My new 64 Ultra sdxc-1 card that I ordered from amazon did not work either!!!!! Out of desperation I thought I would add these 3 folders to the new sd card. Bam!!! Worked the first time. I then reformatted the card with the nikon camera to be on the safe side. Major fail Nikon. Why don't you just provide the folders (Like you do the firmware update)


Some cameras have a limit on the size of card that it will read, try a smaller one 4 gb or less.


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According to the homepage the camera should be able to use SDXC cards so that is at least 64GB.



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