Released October 13, 2016, the PlayStation VR is Sony's first virtual reality headset designed to work with the PlayStation 4 gaming console.

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PSVR Headset keeps disconnecting due to faulty cable?


My PSVR has recently been diconnecting fewquently, mostyl when putting the headset on/off.

I've narrowed it down to the piece of cacle that comes from the headset itself, about 3-6inch along from where it enters the headset.

Any thoughts or ideas how to fix or replace this? I wish Sony made plug in cables to the head set as opposed to a sealed unit ;(

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I have the same problem but i've narrowed mine down to the LEGO on/off switch on my 1st Gen. headset, If only someone knew how I can (or if I can) replace it without having to get a new headset. They were not designed for hardcore BEAT SABER players...


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Most of the time thats happens when the TV is turn off, just disconnect the HDMI cable (TV) from the procesor unit.


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He's talking about the sealed in cord from the headset that's un removable. This has happened to me and tons of other people, they made a headset who's cord stops working around a month or so and we're stuck with broken equipment.

Having the same problem. The cable is sealed to the headset and this part is faulty.


[http://VR | ] these guys can help, I've called on them several times.


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