Stopcode : Unmounted boot volume

I connected my laptop to my tv via hdmi. Then I removed it before the computer was able to switch to tv. Now when I turn the computer on it looks as if it's starting up normally (shows the Toshiba load screen) then it goes to a blue screen the says "your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. We will restart it for you." It also says "stopcode: unmountable boot volume." Then it goes to the Todhiba screen again but this time it says it's starting automatic repair or something. Lastly, the screen goes blank (It's still backlit).

I've tried to enter safe mode and have not been able to. F8 does nothing. F2 goes to what my guess is the BIOS. When I go to ADVANCED then SYSTEM CONFIGURATION there is something called boot mode then [UEFI Boot] but it's blacked out-I cannot change the setting. I don't know if this even matters. The Boot order is HDD/SSD, USB, ODD, LAN. Again, don't know if any of this matters.

Pressing the F12 key when reset took me to a screen that displayed the boot order and a couple of other options that didn't help.

I'm using Windows 10. I do not have a DVD for it.

It says system BIOS version is 6.30

As you can tell I do not know much about computers. I'm praying this is an easy fix. Pictures are backed-up on hard drive. We couldn't figure out iTunes, so we put them on the computer instead. Stupid mistake.

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Hi, Do you know anybody who is running win10? If so you can create a recovery disc on a USB (get an 8GB stick to be safe) from their PC/Laptop. It will put all the necessary system files on it so that you can boot from it on your laptop. Change the boot order of course. Select troubleshooting to repair your installation

Go to Control panel (win key and x key together, select link to Control panel. then click on Recovery icon to create recovery drive

You might have to buy them a coffee. It takes about 40-60 minutes to create.


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Thanks for the quick response. I am hopeful that this will work if the simpler way Jim suggested does not work.

I created a recovery disc on a 16gb USB from my dads computer. I then plugged it into my computer. In the bios I changed the boot order, then saved and exited. The Toshiba screen with a loading symbol came up, then nothing. Just a blank screen. The only difference is there is no blue screen with an error code.

I tried restarting again. No changes.


Go back into BIOS and change the following settings if you can:

disable “secure boot“

disable “UEFI mode“

enable “legacy boot“

enable “CSM“

Then remember to have the USB as first boot priority.

Hello here, please am having the same problem with my system but the model is Dell and am using Windows 8, should I go through the same process.


Before sticking the recovery disk in like jayeff suggested first try clearing the memory . pull out the battery unplug the computer so there is no power to the machine at all. Then hold down the power button for 60 seconds . Put the battery back in then plug it in and reboot. This will clear the memory so when it boots it will boot clean . If this gives no Joy then go with jayeff suggestion . Hope this helps


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Thanks for he quick response. I will try this first.

Worked for me, got me to the Toshiba Setup Utility!


Hi I have the same problem tried jimfixer's way yet same problem accured... any suggestions?


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Hi, Did you try the Chosen Solution method shown above?



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