2.0GHz, 2.3GHz, or 2.6GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor (Turbo Boost up to 3.8GHz) with 6MB shared L3 cache.

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OS Sierra installation failed - can't see HD in Disk Utility


Attempted to install OS Sierra, installation hung at grey screen. Rebooted to kernel panic and boot loop eventually ending with ø (Circle with line through). Won't boot into safe mode. Can boot into recovery mode, but can't see anything other than the recovery partition in disk utility. Made a USB bootable installer, booted from that, but again, could only see the recovery partition. Can't use backup or install sierra again because there is nowhere to install it. Tried in terminal: diskutil unmountdisk was successful, but diskutil mountdisk came back "One or volume (s) failed to mount"

Took the computer in to a service centre locally for diagnostic and tech said the SSD has failed. Does this sound like a reasonable diagnosis? Just wanted to check here before shelling out close to half the value of the laptop new for a replacement SSD.


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If you have a local Apple Store pay them a visit. Apple did have a run of bad SSD's that mostly was within the Airs but some were found in the MBP's as well. If it is indeed one of these bad units it would be covered under an extended warranty repair.

If I remember correctly I think the units where Toshiba SSD's. You could try taking a look and post a good clear screenshot of the SSD so we can see it.

@danj Do you have a link on this one? I have not heard about it yet.


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Put the machine into Target Mode with another Mac. Reformat the SSD. (Since it can see the repair partition on the old SSD, this tells me the stick has not failed).

Now you can do either an internet installation or install from the downloaded system on the master Mac. It will need to be 10.9 or better.


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Thanks for your reply! Reformatted the SSD in target disk mode from another machine. Booted into internet recovery, but still can't mount the SSD. It's so strange that the other machine can see the SSD to reformat it. Any further suggestions?

Check to see if you have a current system install on your master machine, if not download one. Boot again in Target Mode. Do an install from the master machine onto the SSD. If this fails, we'll look at the OWC replacement sticks.

Just wanted to say thanks for the help. I ended up taking it in to the Apple Store and they managed to get the OS reinstalled. I still can't see the SSD when I boot into recovery mode, but everything else seems to be working normally. Apple tech said it could be the SSD or the board, but without the parts on hand to test it they couldn't be sure.



Yes, if it is not coming up in disk utilities, it does sound like the SSD has failed unfortunately. Very strange to happen on install, but it is not unheard of (Macbook Air SSDs are the most common to fail). This is a very easy repair though (remove bottom cover, disconnect battery, remove SSD and put new one in), so I would recommend doing it yourself, since the SSDs are expensive.

Once installed, you just need to format it correctly in disk utilities, then you will be able to install the OS.


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Hi. Unfortunately I am afraid it sounds like the SSD has failed. Apple has a great repair depot option in the united states. You play a flat rate but they give you any parts required such as SSD and logic board for around $300. Maybe even free.

My .02


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If you want more info I can reply here or go to my site. http://sandiegomacrepairs.com/blog

Hi Victor,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I'm in Canada and was not offered the repair depot option when I took it in to the Apple Store.

Are you able to cross the border to get your self to an Apple Store in the states? If you can give that a try otherwise it does sound like you'll need to pony up for a new SSD. Here's one source: OWC - MacBook Pro with Retina Display 13" & 15" Late 2013, 2014, and 2015



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