This is a 2006 HP model number NC6120 laptop. Enclosed within a black case, it contains a 1.73 GHz Intel Pentium Processor, 512MB of DDR RAM, and a 60 GB hardrive.

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Can I upgrade the cpu?

Can I replace the Pentium m with a core duo or higher? If I can then let me know and show he how to upgrade. Thanks

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My laptop have socket 479 mPGA with i915GMS/i910 chipset. can i upgrade it to any dual core processor that could work as good as a core 2 duo processor? And what kind of ram can i put inside, i want to upgrade to 2gb of ram but dont know what kind to get


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Here is a link to the type of memory used in your laptop.

Here is a link to the service manual for your laptop. Scroll to section 6-34, at the top of the page it details the memory options available for your laptop. As it only mentions 256MB, 512MB and 1024MB (1GB) memory modules as replacement parts you would assume, as there is only one slot that 1GB would be the maximum that it can handle.

You could try inserting a 2GB module using the same specifications, (PC2700 DDR SDRAM 200 pin 2.5V 333MHz SODIMM Memory) and see if it will work. You can only try.

The manual also shows the replacement CPU types available. The CPU is held in its' socket by a screw. You would also have to check that the BIOS would support the new CPU if you changed the type.


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Hmmmmm, if the ram for some reason don't work, will it do any damage to the motherboard or fry it? I read that from some forms and I really don't wanna fry the motherboard.

If you get the exact same specification RAM , except that it is 2GB of course, then it will either work or it will not work. It should not affect your motherboard. Make sure that you follow the normal procedure when replacing RAM. Switch off the laptop, remove the power adapter, and remove the battery pack before you remove the old RAM and reinstall it after you have inserted the new RAM. You will know if it doesn't work the laptop will give error beeps or not start.

About the manual, It don't say much about upgrading the cpu, or any other compatible cpu.

On p.6-30 in the manual it shows all the compatible replacement cpus for the laptop with their part numbers. Search online using only the number and you will find the cpu,(I said all the replacement cpu available in my first answer, not whether they are upgraded or not) On p.6-31 it shows how to remove the cpu


First you have to see if your laptop has a socketed or soldered CPU. You can only upgrade laptop CPUs if they are in a socket and can be removed. If so, either way you wouldn't be able to use a Core Duo in that system, only the ones listed on this Wikipedia page.


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But most of laptop cpu aren't soldered to the motherboard, are they?

Typically they are soldered in order to reduce size, and to create CPUs with laptops in mind that reduce heat and energy usage. Most if not all modern laptops have soldered CPUs, but yours very well might be socketed because it is far from modern.


depends son ur board some boards can't stand i3 or i5 so check the specification of the board first if it's no problem just YouTube it and u will find it easy .


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But it is pretty much in tact, no upgrade, stock motherboard, can I upgrade?



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