Battery draining when phone switched off

Hi, my htc one x running stock 4.2 and unrooted started draining battery unusually after i had a battery replacement. The phone went completely dead dat plugging it to a wall adapter was no use charging it. I had to remove the battery and boost it. I plugged it back into the phone then the red light comes on. Sometin else developed. The phone started heating up nd also i hav to remove the battery and boost it each tym my phone runs out of juice. The phone works normally but my hotspot dosent.. Any suggestions? Why does my battery drain even when phone is switched off?

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Sounds like a board issue, usually either water damage causing a short in the charging circuit / power management circuit causing power to leak while off which in result drains the battery.

Sounds like the charging circuit is bust as well, as you can't charge the battery is the charging port damaged in any way?


No, i think the reason it dosent charge is because the battery is completely dead. When i boost the battery and insert into the phone it charges. Do i need a motherboard replacement?


Sounds like the logic board is faulty because it is heating up abnormally. A motherboard replacement would fix the problem but I don't think it is worth it because it is more than the worth of the phone.