Battery problem? Charging chip?

I am having a problem with 2 of my Iphone 5's.

Both of these phones having charging, battery and power up problems.

The following symptoms both of these phones currently have:

1. When the phone dies of "low" battery it is always around 40%

2. When the phone dies of low battery sometimes it will hold a black screen -> a powerbutton + homebutton hold for 10 seconds makes the phone alive again.

3. When you connect the phone to a charger it starts right away, so the battery is definitly not empty.

Tried: 2 new batteries, but still same problem,

are these phones having a bad charging chip, because it seems the phone is not communicating between battery and phone?

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Maybe a component on the logic board is chipped right above the battery connector?

Always dying at 40% pretty much makes me think it's the battery.


Hey Ben, thanks for you comment. I have to adjust my "always at 40% statement". But it is likely that it will shutdown in range of 35 - 40% yes. As far as I can see there is nothing chipped on the logic board, and by the way: Remember I got 2 phones with exact same problem...

I put in 2 new batteries, which did not fix the problem


Probably a fuse/filter near the charging port like Ben said. Should be pretty easy to spot.


Any other solutions I could try? I am not into micro-soldering and finding somebody who could take a look at it will be impossible. As far as my knowledge goes there is nothing damaged on visible area, I did not take of any shields.


I normally got based on probability. There's about a 90% chance its either a fuse or the battery connector. You only have about a 1 square inch spot to check.

The other 10% would be a faulty U2 or a bad charging port. Roll some dice to decide what % to tack on to what solution.

So I guess you could try a new charging port and see if that fixes it. But I'd grab a cheap $30 digital scope and give it a once over. Or if you are in a pinch, use your cell phone's camera on Marco mode.