iPad air backlight not working

I have backlight problem, I checked diodes, both are ok and have 3.87V. Also there is continuity to lcd connector (pins 35, 37, 39, 41) with the same voltage. I checked backlight filter, looks good and also have voltage (3.82V) from PPVCC_MAIN_LCD_SW_CONN, voltage is present too on LCD connector (pins 17, 19 , 21, 23).

I don't have any idea what to check else. Any suggestions?

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Does the iPad actually display an image on the LCD? You can shine a flashlight on it when it's on to see it. If it doesn't at all and still turns on you may want to try another LCD.

Thanks on your participation. Yes, it works, I see apple logo when I start it, also I can see slide button on display to turn off. I tried another LCD, it is the same situation.