How can I use voice messaging

Prior phones have let me dictate messages. Can I do it on this phone and how?

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Here is a link to the User Guide for a Blu Studio Energy 2. I realize that it is not your model but hopefully the Energy X2 has the same recording options as the Studio Energy 2.

This is taken from the User Guide

Sound Recorder

You may send any recorded audio via the File Manager by selecting any of the default share options which include Bluetooth, MMS, Google Drive and Gmail.

To Record

Keep the phone’s microphone near the sound source.

Click the record button to record the audio and click the stop button to end the recording. ''

Block Image

''It is suggested that you save all your recordings in your SD card for maximum storage capacity.

Please ensure the SD card is installed for extended storage space.

Here is a link to the User Guide for a Studio Energy 2.

Hopefully this is of some help.

Update (09/14/2016)


Sorry, I must have misunderstood the manual. I thought that you could record a message in Sound Recorder, save it to the appropriate folder that you have nominated in the SD Card (as recommended) and then using File Manager locate the file and then by using the share option import it into the SMS for sending. Even though it appears to be a three step process. I realize that you have to select the SMS info to send it (it won't be sent by voice command) but at least you don't have to type the "text" message. Doesn't it work this way?


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Thanks, it is helpful to have the manual. Unfortunately, what I want to do is use SMS or messaging by speaking not typing. I able to search google that way but not text.



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Thanks for your effort. I figured it out. One needs to change the keyboard. If you switch keyboards there is a speaker icon on the space bar. Holding it down for a few moments lets you dictate a text message using the messaging app.


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