Vtech landline phone repair.

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no line shows up on two handsets

"no line" shows up on my vetch handset 1 as well as handset 2. . I have plugged and unplugged. . . .tried everything. . .unhooked jacks, etc.

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Happened to my neighbors today. I called Spectrum and the tech guy unplugged the modem waited a while and replugged it and all was well. Maybe lightening knocks things out? Or maybe a number close to yours didn't pay their bill and they shut the wrong one? Tech is tricky and sneaky these days.

Didn't work for me. Still no line, no dial tone. It worked up until now. Purchase 7/27/2018

Hi @incbaker,

What happens when you try the tests to prove where the problem lies, as described in the Chosen Solution below?

What is the model number of your phone?

I don't know what trip the ring current means.

Can i replug my cordless phone



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Unplug the base station and any other device plugged into your telephone line.

Can you get dial tone where the line comes into the premises by connecting and using an old style corded telephone?

If you can get dial tone then perhaps the cord to the base station is faulty or the base station itself is faulty.

If you have no corded phone to use try the following:

With everything disconnected from your phone line, call your telephone number from another phone, e.g. a mobile phone .

Do you get ring tone in the phone you are using?

If so short out the line where it comes into the house and see if you 'trip' the ring, i.e. ringtone signal stops in calling phone. That will prove that the line works to there and perhaps the cord to the base station is faulty or the base station itself is faulty.

If you get ring tone but you can't trip the ring current your number is not appearing at the premises. The line may be open circuit.

If you get the engaged tone there may be a fault on the line.

If you get either of the last two results, contact your landline phone service provider about your problem. Tell them that you have disconnected all your equipment from the line so that they are aware of this when they test the line.

Hopefully this is of some help.


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This should not be rocket science. I am older an have no idea how or why others phone WORK still work. An the new Vtech phones as in 2 NO LINE AN DO NOT WORK.


I had the same problem when I bought this phone at a garage sale it kept saying no home line then I switch out the telephone cord. And it started working after that the cord was faulty.


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handset completely dead. nothing not a single button works and no dial tone .


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Hi, Did you try what was suggested in the Chosen Solution above?

Both phones of my home phone set have been acting up when it’s rainning. They will both say NO LINE. If you call my home phone from another line, it says that my home phone can not take calls right now. If I call charter, they say it looks like one of the phones are in use. ( they are not). Then, after it quits rainning for awhile, they work again...

Hi @ turkeypacker2,

Is the phone service a VOIP phone service or a direct landline?

If it is a direct landline it appears that there is a line fault

The phone service provider needs to test the line to check what and where the problem is. (most probably water is getting into the cable somewhere and creating problems. When it dries out the problem is gone)

Remove your telephone's base station from the line socket (assuming you have cordless phones) and when you call your service provider, tell them this is the case so they know that there is no phone connected and the line should test clear open circuit not have a fault such as an earth connection etc due to water



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