The OontZ Angle 3 is a high quality, lightweight speaker made by Cambridge SoundWorks.

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No power and it cannot be charge

The unit does not have power and it doesnt charge..The unit is barely almost a month only

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My warranty of 90 days was up April 9, 2018. Now the plug in to charge doesnt work unless I physically push the charging cord VERY HARD into the port. Once I let go the speaker blinks a few times then nothing. I've ordered another charging cord in hopes that it'll work now. If not I'll leave it up to a lesson learned. You get what you pay for. Its a good sounding speaker no doubt. But less than 4mths old it shouldn't have this sort of an issue.

did the new charger cord work? I just ordered one, mine isn't charging either

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Given that it is only a month old and that it doesn't charge or turn on, first verify that the warranty period is still valid by checking that you have the sales receipt or other proof of purchase e.g. a credit card statement or a bank account statement which shows the purchase. Then consult the warranty document that came with the speaker as to what you have to do to obtain a warranty repair or replacement.

Here is a link to the warranty as offered by Oontz. (seems poor considering that they only give a 90 day limited warranty - they mustn't have much faith in their own product, most other makers give 12 months!)


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That's not a solution.

Looks like jayeff didn't understand the post, at all. The OP said his 90 day (3 month) warranty had already expired. I think it's great that jayeff's trying to help but this "answer" didn't even address the issue.


Hi @pinkytwo ,

Use a strong light and a magnifying glass to check the charge port in the speaker .

Ensure that all the pins (5) are there and that they are all straight and parallel with each other.

Also check the port enclosure for lint etc.

If there is debris in there, use a vacuum cleaner to remove it. It it doesn't want to come out use a wooden toothpick to try and gently prise it out. Do not use a metal pin etc., you don't want to break any pins!

If the port seems to be OK then perhaps it has become detached from the motherboard.

Here is a link to the ifixit OontZ Angle 3 Motherboard Replacement guide.

This is useful as it shows how to remove the motherboard so that easy access to the charge port is available.

Here is an image taken from the guide that shows the charge port on the motherboard

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If it is loose (or even faulty) you'll need SMD (surface mounted device) soldering skills and tools to effect a repair or replacement.

If this seems too daunting then take the motherboard to a mobile phone or laptop repair service and ask for a quote to repair the port. As you have already dis-assembled the speaker (and will no doubt re-assemble it) the job should be quite quick and easy to do for the repairer therefore hopefully reducing the repair cost.


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I have an Oontz Angle Wireless Speaker but I lost the box and owners manual how do I charge my device?


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Not sure which model you have but here are the links to both Oontz Angle speaker models. The Angle 3 and the Angle 3XL

Just click on the relevant section of you device to find the info you want



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