6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by LG. Model LG-H790. Released October 2015.

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Replaced screen, phone screen turns off during calls

So after replacing the LCD screen and a new frame on my Nexus 5x, the phone works perfectly fine until I use it to make a call. The phone stays on and the call goes through, yet the screen goes off and cannot be turned back on until the call is ended by the other caller.

My question is should I reassemble the phone again, or is this a software issue. To reiterate, the phone works perfectly fine otherwise.

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Thanks for posting. This solved my problem.


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I just went through the same thing. There's a really small black rubber housing piece that you need to transfer from the old frame to the new one. You'll see an indentation in the proximity sensor housing that shows where the piece goes. The rubber piece has two small holes for the proximity sensor and a small T-shape above it where it plugs into the frame, Hope that helps!


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Confirming that this answered solved my problem. Transferred the black rubber housing from the old frame to my new one and the LCD screen is no longer turning off when placing a call. Thanks Evan.

Confirmed also on my device, the behavior and solution are absolutely identical

the problem was solved, Thanks Evan


according to Android Authority, this is a known issue on the 5X. Here is a cut and paste:

This seems to be a problem with the proximity sensor, and is generally faced by users that use generic screen guards, especially of the tempered glass variety. Screen guards made specifically for the Nexus 5X come with an L shaped cut at the top that keep the proximity sensor uncovered, and using this helps avoid the problem.

You can also check if there is a problem with the proximity sensor itself. Download an app like Aida64 from the Google Play Store. Go to the Sensors section and look for the Proximity sensor. Hold your hand over the sensor, and the value should switch between 5 cm and 0 cm for far and near respectively.

A temporary workaround to help end calls, if neither of the above two solutions work, is to Settings – Accessibility, and enable “Power button ends call.”

A rogue app may also be the cause of concern. Boot the device into Safe Mode and see if the issue persists. If it doesn’t, uninstall any apps that you may have downloaded before the problem started, and see if that fixes it.

So it sounds like most likely your prox sensor got misaligned during the repair, was damage or possibly you put a screen guard on that is interfering.

Hope that helps.


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My problem was with the tempered glass. I just removed it and it woks fine. Thank you!


As Evan @nexus4ever says



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Fixed for me to on a Nexus 5X:

Phone screen would go blank as soon as i dialled.

Plugged headphones in and screen lit up.

Found this page, then swapped BOTH proximity sensor bits from old screen to new.

Was left with intermittent "blank screen during call" fault.

Then removed "new screen" plastic shipping cover that I'd left on as a temp screen guard.

Apparently that was enough to trip the proximity sensor.

all good now


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