Broken Volume Flex Cable

Hello experts,

Just got the volume flex cable broken while I was replacing the battery. I had done the replacement things multiple times with multiple device but never got into trouble with such an issue where on-board components get damaged.

After packing everything I saw the volume flex cable detached from the chassis and wanted to clean and attach with adhesive tape. I knew that these cables are fragile but as much as just swiping with a tissue would break it apart, I didn't know that.

Well that's it. I found the cable on and want to order it [see pic below] but I don't know how would I replace it on the board. What else would I need to attach this volume cable/buttons to the board?

Block Image

Any help would be appreciated.



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I just found that another thread is much similar here about the power button flex cable of HTC One Mini which is exactly the same case and is being suggested about soldering or something.

Is that it?