Nokia Lumia 1020 after assembling phone both Camera does work.

Phone was wet open disassemble everything out. Dried put back everything. Phone work perfectly fine except the Cameras.

Both Front and back Camera does not launch or detact.

Tried downloading LED Flash App it says, ! Your device dont have such features.. Hah! I suspect somewhere i miss the contact.

is there something I miss during reassembling back? A wire? Or a pin the assembling part? Is there a sector for the camera part? Only the cameras that the board does not detact, how possible resolve this?

Update (08/13/2016)

Still NO ONE in here could AID on answering?

The front sensor works, beside the front cam.. So could this be the board?


THE flash module at fault? Cause both from App. and Camera button it did not oppen up the Cam, so as Led Torch light It says device does not have such features.

So how could I?

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