Is the proximity sensor meant to be loose on a Z5 premium?

hi i am replacing the full screen unit on a Sony Z5 Premium. I have removed the screen but it seems that the proximity sensor is loose and not soldiered to the board. Is this meant to be the case? if so which way round do i put it back in? Seems odd to me but its the first Z5 premium i have worked on although i have done many other Sony xperia phones before. There isnt any sign of soldier either. Very strange. :( thank you.

Update (07/29/2016)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

not sure if you can see in these pics.

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Sadly I haven't repaired a Sony Xperia Z5 before but maybe there is a rubber gasket that it goes in and sits behind the glass where the proximity sensor sits?

Is the proximity sensor detached right now? Check the logic board side as well just in case. Can you take a picture of the proximity sensor and add it to your post?

can someone help? im in desperate need. thanks