The LG G pad 10.1 was released in July of 2014 with model number LG-V700. This Android powered tablet is designed to compete with other high-end Android tablets at a more reasonable price.

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Can I do a Screen n digi Switch?

If I have another LG V700 tablet with a good screen and digi can I just swap it with one that has a broke screen n digi?

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As long as the size, model number, and all other specifications are exactly the same, the parts would be the same as well. It comes down to your ability to get the screen and/or LCD removed without damaging either. I've never done an LG tablet specifically but from my experience with tablets from various manufacturers, in most cases it can be done. It really comes down to your skill level and patience. If you rush the removal you will break something, no doubt. Give yourself plenty of time and make sure to find a good tear down video and watch it a few times before attempting anything.


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