Model A1225 / Early 2009 / 2.66, 2.93, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Intel 24" iMac 2.66 won't power on!


I own a early 2009 Intel 24" Alu iMac 2.66ghz. I was using it the other day and suddenly it went dead. I tried turning it back on - nothing happened. So I changed the power cord and tried it in another room - nothing.

So I found the guide on here and swapped the power supply with a new unit. It didn't fix the problem :(

I was thinking it might be the logic board but surely it would do something if it was this? I get nothing, no fans,noise, nothing.

Any other suggestions on what I could check? Oh, and I did try the SMU reset and reseating the RAM...

PS. I've no applecare.

Many thanks!!


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Mac not powering up when I hit power button? - thanks to Mayer.


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I didn't know that there were diagostic LED's on the Intel 24" Alu 2.66ghz iMac??

Ok, here we go, power cord is plugged in,turned on at wall.

From the left

1. Green light on

2. Off

3. Doesn't seem like there's an LED here anyway

4. Off

This is with the NEW power supply installed, yet it still won't turn on.




#2 light off

  1. When the computer is turned off or the power supply is working incorrectly
  2. I would say you got a bad power supply


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It's a brand new one..I think I would be pretty unlucky to have 2 bad power supplies.

I'm reading this right out of Apple manual. Are you sure it's turned on? LED #1 will be on with it just plugged in.

Here is a link to mayers original post with all four lights. From your description I would say its either not turned on or you have a bad power supply. +

LED power supply and logic board tests


if the first led lights ON with GREEN, meaning the power supply(PS) is good, when turning the switch ON, second LED must lit... if its not light it means that the logic board is not receiving any voltages at all, check your SWITCH and the swicth connector to logic board, check also the connection of the PS going to logic board.


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The first light only means it is getting trickle voltage, not that it's good. If the second light is on then the power supply is good.


I know this is an old topic, but I am having the same issue. At first, I wasn’t getting any diagnostic LED lights at all. I purchased and changed out the power supply and now I get LED#1 on when plugged in. Progress? Upon pressing the power button, nothing happens. No other LEDs come on, no sounds/fans. I went ahead and purchased another logic board, but the same thing is happening with this one too.

I have tested the power switch and it seems to be working. I get continuity between the wires when pushing the button.

My thoughts are that the power supply I purchased is bad, though I don’t know how to test it to verify. Does anyone know of a way to test it (voltage pinout) or have any other idea?

Also, do I need to completely reassemble the system to test it or should I be able to turn it on even without the LCD attached or logic board screws put back in just to see if it does turn on? Not sure if not having all screws back in would prevent it from powering on.

Thanks for the help.



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On the iMac I had, it was a 5A fuse that blew out on the Power Supply Board. It is a radial, 2 lead and rectangular black. Located near the AC line input wires. Apple recommended a new power supply :)


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