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Windows XP CD cracked While Installing inside DVD Rom What Next

Hello guys I have Dell Optiplex Gx260 desktop computer. For some reasons i have to reinstall windows xp during the installation process my CD cracked inside the DVD ROM. I was unable to install OS on it, now the i have only the serial key left behind. Is there any way out that MS offer the ISO download windows XP then I will create a bootable DVD or USB from the given image. I dont want to spend money on buying new OS from MS. Please help me to reinstall windows xp on my dell machine.

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You'll need to contact Microsoft for a replacement disk. That's assuming it's a MS logo'ed disk, if not you'll need to hit up Dell for a replacement. If they won't offer a replacement you'll need to buy one off of eBay.


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I heard that Microsoft discontinue support for windows XP. I know the serial number of my XP if i get the oringnal windows xp files then i can use it install on my machine.

Discontinuing does not necessarily mean they won't offer the media which you are correct thats all you need.

The problem is you need the DVD as you need to boot up under it to then install the OS.

I'm sure you could find a copy of the ISO image file somewhere but do you have a means to create a working DVD with it?

I would still make the call to MS or Dell first at that the easiest way to get the media.

Dan actually I didn't directly bought it Windows XP from microsoft, from the person i bought PC he had installed it gave me DVD with license num. I have heard that MS provide ISO download link to whome have CD with them. That is why i asked question here if it is possible that i can use original files and i use it to install OS with my own CD key.

As to who bought the software thats not the issue. As long as you have a good license key you're good here.

Well, you have a bit of a Chicken & Egg problem ;-} You need a working system to create the disk from the ISO image and you do need the ISO image file as well.

You'll need to call MS and ask them if they offer an ISO image file for XP, I don't think they ever did. I wouldn't use the so call free copies people have posted on the web as most likely they have a spy software or ransomware on them.

Best to bite the bullet here and buy a retail version of the product if Dell or MS doesn't offer a replacement. You could even get a newer version of Windows if your hardware will supports it.

Dan you are right I got windows XP license key. I was searching ISO version of Microsoft Windows XP professional using Google. Here i got this website that gives Windows xp iso image file.

I started downloading it takes few minutes now i got the image, but can i install this on my machine what would you recommend me.



well i have downloaded from getintopc and for me all working fine, you can also try any time.


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If you still have the product/license key just download the winXP iso from anywhere and burn it. Side note make sure the iso is UNTOUCHED and not patched, cracked or pirated.


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As mentioned above, You can get this from a site called getintopc site. Best site :)


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