PS4 SMD components values needed

Hello everyone,

my nephew jumped onto my old PS4 (SAA-001 motherboard)...

The metal case was bent and chipped off a few SMD components near the voltage regulators driver.

I believe there were a capacitor on the driver's power line (probably a few nanos) and 2 resistors on the communication lines with the CPU/GPU.

Actually, it looks like there are 3 communication lines, the intact one has what I believe is a 0-ohm resistor.

The 2 missing ones are probably 0-Ohm resistors too, but I'd like a confirmation on this.

Can someone give me these values or send me the schematics for this motherboard model please?

Here is a picture of the missing SMD components:

Block Image

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I soldered 0-Ohm resistors and the capacitor but no luck.

Actually, once in a while it goes one step beyond the 1-beep BLOD: when I'm lucky, the blue light stays for 5 seconds, then I get 3 beeps, then it turns off.

In the meantime, the CPU warms up but as it was away from the heatsink, I wonder if the 3 beeps correspond to an overheating situation?


I think I don't have the proper resistor values, would someone be kind engough to open a PS4 and check the values for me please?

I believe the motherboard model is not important, this components seem to be the same around the International Rectifier 3585B chip.

By the way, can someone provide me with the 3585B datasheet plz?