Lid switch not working

My notebook is acting like the lid is closed. It may be the lid switch, but I don't know how to trouble shoot this issue.

Normally when you close my laptop it goes into sleep mode. The power button is illuminated, but no screen or keyboard function. When you open the laptop the computer resumes from sleep and the keyboard and screen become active. My laptop is not resuming from sleep. It stays in this sleep mode now. I have not found a work around. I tried leaving the lid open, disconnecting all power including the battery for more than a half hours. Plugged the unit back in. When I press the power button, the key illuminates, but nothing else happens, at all, nothing.

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You'll need to be more specific - what exactly is the laptop doing, and why is this bad? What would you have it do instead?


i have found a video , use a magnet and try to switch on your display


Thanks, I wish I knew exactly where the lid switch is. I have tried the magnet over the two spots suggested from two different models. There seems to be some pull near the power switch. Still no luck, I may try a neodymium magnet next. After I find one.