Swapping logic board with 2012 model

I currently have a 13 inch i5 late 2011 model with a malfunctioning keyboard backlight socket. I even replaced the backlight, and tried all ways to put the connector inside the ZIP port, reset PRAM and SMC, but is no use. There is something wrong with the socket itself that won't let the connector go all the way in. Believe me, I've tried for well over a week.

There is another issue, I need to move files from an external USB 3.0 drive all the time, and the USB 2.0 ports are painfully slow. So, I can really use the mid 2012 USB 3.0 ports considerable increase in speed.

So, I'm willing to go online and look for mid 2012 i5 or even i7 boards, if I can find one at a good price.

So, my question is:

Will it work?

Am I better just selling this one and getting a used 2012 model?

Thanks for your help

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