Replaced broken screen, now facing multiple pressure points and glass

I've recently replaced the screen of my LG G2 D800-variant, and by screen I mean touch+glass+display+body frame, these came all in one already put together. What was left for me was to transfer the other components to the new body frame. I used the same screws in the same holes.

Everything went fine, except the glass started to come out at the bottom because there's too much pressure behind it, also there are multiple pressure points in the display. I tried to mess around with the screws, but no success.

I'm afraid of damaging the display and or touch matrix if I let this the way it is. It's definitely going to get worse, not only that, but the freaking glass is coming out.

I don't know what to do. Could this be that the screen pack I bought was mounted incorrectly and it's not actually my fault?


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